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My RocketHub research fundraiser is winding down and ends on May 5th, so I’m unveiling a TUMBLR SPECIAL for all of you who showed interest in my project but are on a tight budget (which, as a master’s student, I totally understand…) 

For those of you who didn’t run across my last post, I am researching the effects of stress on the development of birds (specifically American kestrels) and need money for my analysis kits.  And since RocketHub is a crowd-sourcing site, you receive unique gifts in exchange for donations. 

So what is the TUMBLR SPECIAL and why do I keep typing it in all caps?  Well, the TUMBLR SPECIAL is a limited offer (limited because my fundraiser ends in 17 days) where donating just $10 lets you ADOPT A BABY KESTREL!  Like the ones in the pictures up above! 

Adopting a baby kestrel means that in a few weeks, when the kestrels hatch and grow up, I will send you pictures, video, and stats on your baby bird, as well as its band number so you can check on its progress in the future.  And you get to name it!  Awesome!

So if you are interested in birds, science, conservation, or cute baby animals, check out my project here:

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